Local Qualifier

The 2020 Bermuda Championship Local Qualifier will be held at Port Royal Golf Club on Tuesday, October 13 & Wednesday, October 14, 2020. It is intended to provide an opportunity for Bermudian amateur and professional players to qualify for three (3) qualifying places and three (3) alternate places in the Bermuda Championship.



Entries are open to Amateur and Professional players and applicants for reinstatement. To be eligible to compete in the local qualifying event, participants must meet the following criteria:


  1. Players must possess Bermudian status
  2. Players must be a member in good standing of the BGA or BPGA and not subject to any disciplinary process or sanction of either association
  3. Amateurs and applicants for reinstatement must have an up-to-date handicap index, or equivalent handicap issued from the international body of golf, not exceeding 1.4 under the USGA Handicap System.


Note: A player’s current eight counting handicap scores cannot include scores from before October 1, 2019.


Full details of eligibility requirements, accommodation, and Conditions of Competition related to conducting the tournament under COVID-19 requirements will be available at the time of registration. Entries officially open Tuesday, September 1. The tournament committee recognises the current economic impact and has reduced the Qualifier’s entry fee to $125 for all competitors.


Important Note: Bermudians who are located overseas and intend to return for the Bermuda Championship Qualifier should be aware they will be need to fully comply with COVID-19 travel requirements as stipulated by the Bermuda Government, and should factor this, including any time potentially required for quarantine, into their travel arrangements.

Any questions should be directed to [email protected] or call the Bermuda Golf Association office at 441-295-9972.

Open Qualifying

The 2020 Bermuda Championship will have an Open Qualifying event. The Open Qualifier will be handled by the North Florida PGA Section on Monday, October 12th at Crooked Cat in Orlando. More information can be found on the North Florida PGA section website or by clicking here for the open qualifying website.